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Locally-owned and operated business that can handle any interior or exterior remodeling project. Owner Veronika Neide is state certified contractor who's highly-skilled, trained, and experienced in home remodeling. The company is fully licensed and insured.

Veronika has been a remodeling specialist since 1985 and is always about the customer happiness.Because Veronika is the sole owner she works very close with the homeowner. She fines the best price in town on material for any project.

What makes Veronika's Trade Secrets different from other remodeling companies is she is a hands on person. She is not only the company that you hire but also the one doing the work. So if you need to make a change she is right there for it. Where most companies you have to wait for someone to come and approve the change, which cost delay's.

Veronika dose not only support the TLGB community. She is transgender herself ( male to Female). Thats the secret.


Veronika's Trade Secrets understanding a women's needs for a beautiful home